My experience at the November Refresh Workshop

At the start of 2016 I set two goals for myself: to take at least one workshop and to get booked for a session overseas. I have officially accomplished both.

Ever since I started photography, I have been following (and stalking) a few incredible photographers. There are quite a few I respect, follow and love but I can say I have two ultimate favs, Jennifer Moher and Hugh Whitaker. Months ago I FINALLY registered to take their Refresh Workshop and have been looking so forward to it since. 

The workshop came at the best time in my photography season, the winter "lull". Although I have a few weddings left in 2016 and quite a few sessions coming up, I was feeling blah. I needed a refresh if you will :) 

I can't recommend this workshop enough. Jennifer, Hugh and Erin Lester (Jen's second shooter) are so real. There's no question to simple or too blunt or too silly to ask them and you get a real answer, which I think is the most important aspect of a workshop. 

We covered everything from initial client conversations to how to present a finished product to SEO to social media, everything I wanted to hear them talk about, we talked about. 

The best part of the day was having real models (who ended up being so fun and perfect for our group). We started with the Groom getting ready, then the bride, to a first look and then a reception. It was great to see how Jennifer, Hugh and Erin would photograph with the light we had and the settings the models were in. We were then given our own time with the models to use what we learnt, which was wicked. 

Jen, Hugh and Erin, I can't thank you enough. You gave me the little fire under my bum to do better, which is exactly what I wanted out of your workshop. You have inspired me and motivated me to do just that much better when it comes to showing my work, building relationships and valuing my time. So thank you times 10000!

Here is a peek at our workshop session. Enjoy! 

Behind the Scenes in Costa Rica

For those who don't know yet, on top of being a photographer and freelance graphic designer I am also the Creative Director at Photographers Without Borders(PWB). With PWB, I have seen countries and met people I may of never had the chance too, and it has been incredible.

On February 2, I left for Costa Rica for the second PWB Photodocumentary Workshop to help Danielle Da Silva (the founder) facilitate the workshop and capture behind the scenes footage (both photo & video). Here are a few of my favorites!

Interested in taking one of our workshops? The next one is full in May but our fall one will be announced soon!