About us: Megan + Corrigan

We are best friends who met over a decade ago. We’ve been building a business and in a relationship for over half of that time.  We currently live in two areas: Toronto and Kawartha Lakes. When we’re not working we spend time at our first home, a cottage, in Kawartha Lakes. Corrigan’s Dad built the cottage himself and it’s very dear to our hearts. This is where we go to feel free, happy, relaxed and to refresh. We still have a soft spot for the hustle and bustle of the city(and all of the amazing food and beer), and keep our apartment in Toronto because of it. When we are not cottaging, traveling, trying new breweries/restaurants, we are usually cuddled with one of our 4 fur babies (we have 2 dogs and 2 cats).

Photo by Jacquie of Oak + Olive Co.

Photo by Jacquie of Oak + Olive Co.


I come from a pretty creative background filled with so many things across the board. I went to school for Fine Art, then Graphic Design, then was a Creative Director but all the while, I was photographing on the side and eventually it was like “why the heck am I working for other people at a job I hate, when I can be photographing stories for amazing people and working for myself”. Now it’s been over 7 years and I couldn’t be happier with my decision and to see the growth that has happened within my business.

For years I was a graphic designer (and still dabble), while I pursued my love for photography. I then spent a few years as a Creative Director for Photographers Without Borders where I was able to see parts of the world, with my camera, I may never have seen. Now when I am not capturing weddings and life events, I am fortunate enough to be a Digital Photography teacher where I teach students of all levels how to get started in the big old world of photography.

On your day, you can guarantee I will cry if anyone else does. I will also laugh a lot, guide you if you need it, and act like a goof to get you giggling.


Photo my Megan Michelle

Photo my Megan Michelle

If you thought megs background was all over the map, well, you haven’t heard about mine! I consider myself a creative person but there were points in my professional career where I thought I had to be doing other things so I have been in Sales, Carpentry, Television, a band and more. While doing all of these things, I was always doing photography on the side but never knew how to do more with it or had the confidence to do so. Until I met megs…

My background in Videography (for television) really helped with the beginning stages of photography and since I have really grown a love for having the camera in my hands 24/7. I love being a fly on the wall and capturing those candid emotional moments or those moments for you guys that you may miss.

On your day, I will be a fly but I will also guide you when you need it or when you want guidance. I won’t cry as much as Megs and have been known to be goofy and entertain for those candid images.

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