Top 5 Bridal Bouquets of 2015

I believe this was the year of brides making their own arrangements and also the "gathered" look, both of which I love. Here are a few of my favorite bouquets I saw this year.

5. Vannessa, The Doctors House in Kleinberg, June 2015 - this was a bouquet she made herself filled with roses and it was simple and beautiful. She also did all of the table arrangements for her wedding and everything was stunning.

4. Sarah, Berkeley Church, August 2015 - Another rose filled beauty created by their Floral Designer, Ashton Creative, based out of Toronto. She has an amazing portfolio, click here to see.

3. Sharon, Ceremony at City Hall in Toronto, August 2015 - This beautiful and talented lady gets two mentions on this list because well, both her bouquets are incredible. This bouquet was created by Botany Studio in Toronto. Their florals are always unique, colorful and just plain old gorgeous.

2. Sharon, Reception in Muskoka ON, August 2015 - Now, this bouquet was created by Sharon and I couldn't of loved it more. It photographed beautifully, it was unique, it had the "gathered" look, it had flowers I had never seen before in my life.. just perfect!


1. Shauna - It was a tough call but Shauna's bouquet had to be my top choice, it had kale in it! In my opinion, Shauna's bouquet brought together all the elements that (I think) make a stunning arrnagement; gathered, depth, multiple shades of the same colour, unique flowers, AND KALE. This arrangement was created by Earthen Elegance in London ON.

Kale Bouquet