ashley & kevin - 04.28.15

It all started in fall of 2014 when Ashley randomly found me on facebook. We chatted back and forth about her and Kevin's big day, and decided to meet for coffee. We met, we chatted, we hit it off and from there, I became their lucky photographer.

Prior to the wedding, Ash, Kevin and I went and did some engagement photos to help get rid of nerves and get to know each other a little bit more. We decided on the mono clay hills and surrounding area at sunset and the session went perfectly. Here is a peek!

Their wedding was perfect. From the massive, well lit (which is very rare) church to the beautiful venue where we drove around the golf course in 10 golf carts (so fun, Linds and I might have gotten lost) to the venue that was so incredibly beautifully decorated (see photos below). The day went smoothly and the happy couple was surrounded by everyone they care about.

Thank you again Ash and Kevin for including me (and lindsey) in your beautiful day

- xoxo Megan